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Why investing in a designer for your Airbnb is a good idea

Considering hiring an interior designer for your AirBnb? Here are 4 reasons why it's a good idea.

Your Airbnb will make more money

A study by AirBnb showed that hosts who provided a unique and well-designed space earned 2.5 times more revenue than those who did not. Hiring a specialized designer is an investment that will allow you to raise your prices and have higher occupancy rates. Simply put, good design is an investment.

Millennials make up most of the market for Airbnbs

Studies have shown that millennials value travel experiences so much that they choose to invest in travel over homeownership. This is important because millennials make up 75% of consumers and travelers in 2025 and beyond. Millennials view travel as an experience, which means your vacation rental is not just a place to sleep, but a place to experience.

Disco ball in the bedroom? Experience ✔️

Neon sign in the living room? Experience ✔️

Custom spa shower? Experience ✔️

Competition in the ‘shared economy’

14,000 hosts join AirBnb each month, which means there is tons of competition on the platform. AirBnb rentals have grown 1000% since 2011. It’s getting harder and harder to stand out, which makes it more important than ever to do something different with your short term rental.

Outsource an overwhelming task

As a busy business owner and entrepreneur, 'furnish an entire house' might not be first on your very long list of things to do. An expert designer handles the details of designing and furnishing your space. From choosing the right paint color and finish for the bathroom, to the best type of sofa for your living room, to minute details such as where the guests will put their shoes when they walk in the door - my service covers all of this and more.

Bottom line, investing in a designer for your Airbnb or vacation rental is just that - an investment. Hiring the right interior designer who specializes in short term rentals will pay off with higher nightly rates and higher occupancy rates.

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